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K-8 to K-10
Chemistry/Biology – Subject wise as well as Chapter wise tests:

You can develop confidence through continuous self–assessment. You can take these practice tests to prepare for success in competitive exams for admission in professional engineering/medical colleges. These assessments test the understanding of core concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math in two levels – Level I (basic concepts are covered), Level II (Difficult questions which require application of knowledge in multiple concepts which are inter related).

You can take subject wise as well as topic wise test with about 25 questions at a time randomly selected from our large question bank. Correct answer can be viewed if you click on the "Answer" button at the end of each question. You will be provided with the score–sheet and correct answers in the report page. Student–wise score and analysis gets archived online. Detailed analysis of each attempt lets you know where you stand in that topic. Click the "Reports" link to access it. It can thus be accessed by the students anytime, anywhere. Best wishes!!!

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