Preparing Students for Bright Future with..

Give Yourself an Early Advantage

Access the content that cultivates curiosity, connects concepts to everyday life and measures love of learning. Discover the core concepts and know how they connect to the world around. Engage with equations and figure out interesting ways to solve them. Excel in International Baccalaureate (IB) as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses with real world applications, well illustrated examples, animations and multiple opportunities to test oneself.

Give Your Child A " Wonderful Gift "

Wonderwhizkids would be the most valuable “Gift”you may ever give to your child . Parents can get actively involved in the progress of their children by helping them understand the core concepts and solve challenging problems .

For Students

Be Strong in Basics: Basic concepts explained in a meaningful context with real world examples.
Learn to Apply: Free response Questions help students learn to apply the knowledge in problem solving.
Test Your Self: Get Great Grades with Confidence through continuous self assessment at your own pace.

For Teachers

New ways of teaching : Leverage the Content of Wonderwhizkids to Design and Create engaging and interactive learning experiences based on the aptitude of students.

Align Learning with Assessment on every topic with positive feedback and timely intervention to correct the blind spots and help students to learn with understanding.

For Schools

Pursuit of Excellence: Create SMILE (Simple, Motivating, Interactive, Learner centric Environment ) in which students enjoy learning and excel.

WWK would be an excellent resource as a digital library and help students acquire skills required to be successful in a scientifically rich knowledge society. .

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